In 2004. Facebook appeared, in 2006. Twitter. Viber was founded in the beginning of 2010, and Instagram in October of the same year. In 2009, the idea of organizing a music competition that took place entirely online appeared.

For the first time in the history of music competitions for pupils of schools, colleges and conservatories, as well as for participants without age restrictions, back in 2010, we combined and organized a competition for all instruments in one place (website) thanks to the Internet.

WORLD OPEN Online Music Competition is the competition with the longest tradition (since 2010). Only at our competition, as proof, in the archive of the website you can see all the videos and results of the participants since 2010!

In the competition since its inception in 2010, competed more than 10,000 online application form, 14,000 participants from 51 countries, 650 cities and who played on more than 1150 musical institutions. The total number of views of competitive performances from 2010 year exceeded 8 million!

According to these indicators WORLD OPEN Online Music Competition – became leader among the international music competitions in the world.

For many contestants, their teachers and music institutions participation in the competition helped during qualification, scholarship, improvement of professional skill.

WORLD OPEN Online Music Competition