Date of birth: 12.06.2003 in Arhangelsk, Russia
Country and city: Russia, Moscow
School: Central MusicSchool
Teacher: Mira Marchenko

Varvara started playing  the piano at the age of 4. Her first performance was in 4,5 y.o. Her first recital was in 8 years.

Varja won many international competitions and she get scholarships by funds Spivakov, «New names», «Fairway», the soloist of the chamber orchestra «Renaissance» (first performed with him in 6 years).

At 9 she has performed as a soloist with the Rostov Philharmonic orchestra, the Symphony orchestra of the Pavel Slobodkin Center and Symphony orchestra by Astana.

Varja regularly participates in the concerts of the Central Music School and as a scholarship funds on the stages of the MGK of Tchaikovsky, International House of Music, Moscow Philharmonic, in the Center of Pavel Slobodkin, in the Kremlin Palace, in the Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow, and also has a lot of performs: recital and as soloist with orchestra in different cities of their country.


2009 International Competition «21st Century Art» - Winner of the 1st prize 

2011 International Competition in New York «Prima artist competition» - Winner of the 1st Prize (Gold Prize)

2011 International Piano Competition. by V. Yu. Villuan - Winner of the 1st Prize

2012 International Piano Competition by A. G. Skavronsky - Winner of the 2nd Prize

2012 International Piano Competition by A. D. Artobolevskaya - Winner of the 2nd Prize and special prizes:

The best performance of a classical sonata and solo performance in the PavelSlobodkinCenter in September 2013

2013 1st International Piano Competition «Astana Piano Passion» - Winner of the 1st prize and special prize - recital part by the festival in Annecy (France) in August 2013

2013- 9 Festival-Concurso International Infantil y Juvenil de piano 2013- Gran Prix (special prize -  2 recital part by the festival  in Mexica in  July 2014)

2014 – Internet Music Competition - Internet Music Champion of the World

          – Absolute Winner of the Internet Music Competition 2014.

Varvara Kutuzova