Surname and name: Khudonogov Peter
Teacher: Khudonogov Sergey
Institution: Children’s music school №2 
State/City: Russia/Krasnoyarsk

Khudonogov Peter studies in the Children's Music School № 2 for five years in a specialty: Flute. He yearly takes part in competitions and performances of urban, regional and international level.

Achievements, participation in competitions, festivals: 

Since 2006, constantly becomes the laureate and diplomant of the urban and international competitions and he is also actively involved in music festivals (International Youth Festival “Classic Show” (2006), VIII International Television Competition for Young Musicians “The Nutcracker” (Moscow, 2007), the Seventh International Children's music Competition “Rotary” (Moscow, 2009), Interregional competition by Tulunina N.L., X International television Competition for Young Musicians “The Nutcracker” (Moscow, 2009), the International Festival of Arts “NAMES 2010”, International Internet competition for young singers “My favorite flute” (2010), the International Children and Youth Competition-festival “Siberian lights Stars” (2010, 2011), IX International music and Theatre Festival-competition “HOPE-2011”, INTERNET MUSIC COMPETITION (Serbia, 2012).

Khudonogov Peter got a gratitude by the Agency of Culture Administration of the Krasnoyarsk Territory for their participation and assistance in the International Youth Music Festival “Classic show”, he was awarded with Diploma from Regional Philharmonic Society of Krasnoyarsk “for constant participation in the concerts”,  Gratitude by Administration of Zelenogorsk for successful performance at a music festival of children's art “Classic show”, Gratitude by Administration Achinsk for performance at the festival of chamber music “Aydashian's lira”.

Concert performances:

He has concerts in Russia (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Suzdal, Achinsk, Minusinsk, Zelenogorsk)

He regularly performs with Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra, the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra, Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic orchestra of Russian folk instruments, the Symphony Orchestra of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra “Creed”, with an ensemble of Russian folk instruments “Eniseyskie patterns”.


In repertoire of the young flutist are works Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, K.Stamitsa, S. Mercadante, F. Doppler V.Poppa, F.Devenna, D.Brichchaldi, E. Keller, R.Tilmetsa AND . Andersen F.Morlachchi, D.Chimarozy etc. 

Peter Khudonogov