Surname and name: Doga Altinok
Teacher: Dania Kaynova 
Institution: Cukurova Univesity State Conservatory 
State/City: Adana/Turkey

Doğa ALTINOK was born in 21 September 2000 in Antalya-TURKEY. She started her musical education from the age of eight with Dania KAYNOVA at Cukurova Univercity State Concervatuary Adana-TURKEY. 

Her hobbies are swimming, reading books, going to cinemas and eating ice cream (if she wins the competition, the grand prize for Doga may be a cup of ice cream). Her name’s meaning is “Nature” ,so, she loves and protects nature and animals. She likes  watching nature documantaries. She also likes archeology and visiting ancient cities and museums. Her most interested subject is  ancient  Egypt Civilization.  She visited many ancient cities in Turkey. She was also a very succesful swimmer. She won some swimming competitions in Turkey. Swimming needs very hard work and much time, so as violin. Because of that reason parents asked Doga to select  swimming or violin. She preferred violin. She is now swimming as a hobby.

Doğa ALTINOK is seventh grade student and continue her violin education with her pedagogue Mrs.Daniya KAYNOVA and her chamber music education with her pedagogue Viacheslav KAYNOV at Cukurova State Concervatuary, in Adana/TURKEY.

Achievements, participation in competitions, festivals:

She won second prize at  IV. National Violin Competition  in 01.11.2010, and  the best interpretation of Turkish Composition” Prize.

She won first prize at International Internet Music Competition , 20.03. 2011

She won first prize at Berlin International Music Competition “Sforzando” (Russian Organisation) in 25-27 June 2011.

She won first prize at Paris “We Play Together” International Music Competition (Russian Organisation) in 01 May 2012 and she also  won first prize with her quartet too.

Doğa ALTINOK won second prize at Slovakia “Talents For Europe” Music Competition in 02-04 May 2012, and she also won second prize with her quartet too.

In May 2012, Doga also won the most popular classical music award of  TURKEY “3rd Donizetti Awards” (The most successful soloist below 17 years of age category).

In November  2012, Doga ALTINOK became a diplomant in the 13th International Television Competition for Young musicians "The Nutcracker." in Moskow.

Doğa ALTINOK performed as a soloist  with the  symphonie orchestras in Turkey. (İzmir State Symphonie Orchestra (23 April 2011) and Bursa State Symphonie Orchestra (26 April 2012).