Address: ul. Aleksinackih Rudara 39/20

11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia         


Phone: ++381-11-602-461 

Mobile: ++ 381-64-177-46-93 

Date of birth
: September 9, 1972

Citizenship: Serbian

Nationality: Romani  


(2005) Started Master Studies at Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Theory of Film and Media

(1998-1999) Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade, started Master’s Program in Theatre Science

(1998) Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade, BA in Theatre - Radio Production and Management in Culture. Thesis: "Roma Cultural Center-Constitution and Possibilities"  

(1991) Gymnasium in Valjevo, Yugoslavia Cultural-language department 


Current position:

Director of Romani Cultural Center–Belgrade (since 1998), Leader of the Band KAL www.kalband.com (since 2002), Director of School for Romani Language and Culture “Amala“ (www.galbeno.com) (since 2011), Board Member of  NGO Centre for Minority Rights (since 2011)

Previous work experience:

2011 - Directed the play “Dživdipe karing o drom” (Life beside the Road), Šumadija Cultural Centre

2009 - Composed and published CD “KAL”- Radio Romanista, Asphalt Tango, Germany and B92

2007 - Participation in RoskildeFestival, Denmark

2007 - Participation in EXIT Music Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

2006 - Composed and published CD “KAL”- Asphalt Tango, Germany and B92

2004 - Participation in PEPSI Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary

2003- Romani Language Co-ordinator, Intern - European Roma Rights Centre-Budapest, Hungary  

2003 - Producer, Actor and Composer, Romani Theatre Raidna- Belgrade, Student Cultural Centre (SKC), "Rotaki Sung"(Smell of the Wheel)

2003 - Participation in "11th European Biennale of Young Artists" - Athens, Greece

2003 - Participation in music project "Rromano Suno" - Radio B92

2002 - Participation in the music festival ”La Notte Di San Lorenzo”- Milan, Italy

2001 Producer, Actor and Composer, Romani Theatre-Vareso Aver”, Budapest, “Jacques or Obidience”- Eugen Jonesqo 

2001 Producer, Actor and Composer, ”Bahanalie”- Goran Stefanovski- Romani Theatre ‘Raidna’, Belgrade 

2000 Producer and Actor, Blood Wedding, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Romani Theatre, Budapest 

1999 Coordinator of Theatre Workshop, International Romani Union Roma Culture and Language Summer School, Berlin

1998 Director of Rroma Cultural Center-Belgrade

1998 Composed, arranged and played in music CD ”Balkan ambiance” published in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia and Hungary 

1998 Co-operated in translation and music of the film, 'Black Cat, White Cat', directed by Emir Kusturica. 

1998 Performed, organized, translated, and wrote music for Roma Puppet-Show "Sasa pe jekh ivend" - "Once upon Time in the Winter"

1998 Performed in an alternative theater performance "All Different all Equal", on the occasion of the International Day against Racism 

1994-1997 Radio Belgrade (Serbian national radio -Rroma program)

Activities: journalist, editor, announcer

1994-1997 Romano Lil, Chavrikano Lil (Romani journals for adults and children; journalist and translator  


2009 Top 20 World Music CDs of the Year for KAL

2009 Second position at the Annual World Music Chart of Europe in 2009

2007 First Award “Davorin Popovic” for Best Video Clip in Ex Yugoslavia in 2007

2007 First position at the Annual  World Music Chart of Europe in 2007

2006 Third award at the Annual World Chart Music Chart of Europe in 2006

2001 First Award for the theatre play “Blood Wedding” (F.G.Lorca) at the Civis Europe Festival, Warsaw, Poland


RISTIC, Dragan, “Rroma Media in Yugoslavia Development and Possibilities”, Romology Studies, 1997

RISTIC, Dragan, "History of Theatre Romen", published on website Patrin at http://www.geocities.com/Paris/5121/patrin.htm, 1999


Rromanes (Gypsy) - mother tongue

English - excellent

Serbian - mother tongue

Hungarian - intermediate 


Musician, Computer (Microsoft Word, Internet), translation English-Rromanes-Serbian

Dragan Ristic