Boban Markovic was born on the May 6th, 1964, on the day of Saint George – the most important Gypsy festival day of the year – in Vladicin Han (South Serbia). His hometown is a town of 10,000 inhabitants, most of whom are of Roma Gypsy heritage and share a rich musical tradition. Boban’s father, Dragutin, was a musician, as were both of his grandfathers. Boban’s mother, Julka, used to remind him that he should strive to play as well as her own father. He got his first trumpet when he was 5 years old, but Boban didn’t approach the music seriously until much later. Rather, he preferred to play with other children around the village, and once he even forgot his instrument in the sand while he was building a castle with his friends.

Growing up, Boban preferred to play soccer and his greatest desire would have been to become a professional player. His father wasn’t happy with his inclinations, and had a serious talk with Boban when he was 10 years old, to tell him that his destiny was to be a trumpet player. Thus, Boban started to play at his father’s concerts and the marriages where the orchestra performed. He was obliged to play until he was exhausted.

Boban began playing professionally in an orchestra at the age of 16, and he founded his own orchestra at the age of 20 years old. Boban Markovic was then ready to compete at the Guca festival.

Guca is a small town in central Serbia with only 3,000 inhabitants. The town has been organizing the most important brass band competition in Former Yugoslavia there every year since 1961.

There isn’t bigger satisfaction for a Serbian player than to become the “first trumpet” of the Guca festival. Boban started to take part in the Guca competition in 1984, succeeding in winning the “first trumpet” in 1988, and has gone on to win 5 more times until his last participation in 2001.

In 1995 Boban received the “Trumpet Maestro Prize”, the most valuable recognition that a brass musician can aim for in the Balkans and in 2006 he was nominated “Ambassador of the Guca Competition,” becoming one of the most important personalities in Balkan brass band music. For the young and talented Boban, the doors for an international career were widely opened. The many times awarded film director Emir Kusturica, and the most famous Balkan composer Goran Bregovic, invited him to record the music for the soundtrack of the movies “Underground” and “Arizona Dream.”

Boban’s talent is due not to formal musical studies, but to the internal sense of rhythm that he possesses in his blood, as well as his passion and self-taught skills.

Boban’s international career started in 1999. Since then, he and his orchestra which includes his son Marko, have performed all over Europe, the U.S. and Israel. His father Dragutin was right: Boban’s destiny was to be a trumpet player. A brilliant one. The king.