MIR production is specializing in the producing music artists from all over the world. We organize concerts and tours for classical musicians and musicians of other music types. Our ambition is to offer all artists professional and personal management service.

The main objectives of the agency – the promotion of artists on the world music market, the support for beginning executors. We are interested in the development of the agency, establish new professional relationships and the organization of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The main objectives of the agency are popularization music of different styles, performance concerts, realization projects, cooperation with leading artists and bands.

Special attention is given to the contestants INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION Belgrade, Serbia www.musiccompetition.eu which is to find and support talented young artists and help in their creative implementation.

MIR production – a team of professionals for quality and timely work in world of music.

Our activities are centered on some areas:

  • Classical Music
  • Jazz Music
  • World Music
  • New Age
  • Experimental Music
  • Balkan Music
  • Masters Class
  • Young musical talents

For us, music is life. The world is changing rapidly and the music in it. We see a battle of different styles of music all the time, but the essence remains the exact same as centuries ago, music unites lonely hearts, uplifting, inspiring and makes world better and more beautiful.